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We are relentless in our approach to fighting for justice for you or your loved one. When you need a proven fighter who will not give up, you can do no better than Sam.

Best Case Stratergy

You often need a combination of resourceful, creative, insightful and soundly coherent legal insight to present the best opportunities for your clients. We develop case strategy that wins.

Experienced Attorneys

There is simply no substitute for experience. We have over two decades of criminal law case experience that we are eager to share with you. 

Honest, Reliable, and Experienced


  • NIntegrity is at the core of what we do
  • NCommitment to excellence in all of our casework
  • NWe show up, stay committed, and turn over every stone

Murder & Assault

Our firm boasts a perfect record in murder trials. If you’re facing a murder, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon or other charge – rest assured we have the experience to defend you or a loved one when it counts the most.



Family Violence

Family violence cases are emotionally difficult for everyone involved. We excel in all cases related to criminal defense involving family violence cases including domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, or violations of a family protective order. 

Robbery & Theft

An extremely common set of cases that we provide defense services for pertain to robbery and theft. Whether you are facing a robbery, burglary, misdemeanor or felony theft charge we can provide the insight and defense to help you beat the charge. 

Narcotics and Drug Possession

Recieving charges pertaining to drug or narcotics posession are common, but challenging for indivdiuals and families alike. If you, or a loved one, are facing charges all the way from misdeamonor to major felony charges we’ve successfully defended hundreds of cases.

Personable, Accessible, and Trusted


  • NWe always assume the very best of our clients
  • NCalm and level headed always during stormy waters
  • NComplete access that makes you feel like family

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When i had got this felony charges on me my life was ruin !! We were looking for lawyers and we decided to hire sam cammack . and it was the best choice we ever did he had got both cases DISMISSED just like he told us !!! Thanks to his assistance holly she is amazing she there too hear you out and advised you she is such a great person with a good heart !!! The best part was when sam called and told me cases are DISMISSED bud u got no more worries !! I RECOMMEND U SAM CAMMACK WITH NO REGRETS !!!!!


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