Criminal lawyers are a special breed of people. It takes a very particular kind of mindset and emotional fortitude to accept criminal cases, regardless of the size. This is because the law is static and emotionless, but victims and defendants and all of the other people involved with a criminal case are human and often intensely emotional. Strangely enough, emotion is something that does not affect the long arm of the law when it comes down to negotiated charges and sentences. If a case goes to trial by jury, though, emotion can be a huge factor.

An experienced criminal lawyer understands the requirements of the law. When a person is charged with a criminal offense, their attorney’s job is to examine the facts of the case and compare it with existing cases to see how the court usually reacts to the charge. They will also take into consideration other factors, usually from your recounting of the event in question and try to construct an argument that presents you in the most positive way in regards to the charge. A DUI, for example, is a common charge that is brought upon a person by the state. Your lawyer’s job is to either try to discredit the investigation by arguing improper processing or to show that you were not in extreme violation and are willing to cooperate if there is a plea deal.

There are many other cases that might require the services of a criminal lawyer.  Some of the most common charges that attorneys deal with include:

• Trespassing
• Offensive conduct or language
• Assault
• Murder and manslaughter
• Property damage

Trespassing is a term that refers to occupying private property and being asked to leave; it is not enough to simply be on the property because you may not know it is privately owned. Criminal lawyers deal with these kinds of cases all the time because signs are not always posted or easy to see. This charge often results in a fine of up to $1000.

Offensive language and conduct is something else that is very common. Sometimes people forget they are in a public place or that there may be children present. Using inappropriate language or behavior in public can sometimes result in a citation and a fine.

Assault is a much more serious crime because it involved harm or injury to an individual. What many people do not understand is that they can be arrested and charged with assault just for using overly aggressive or violent words. Of course, if at any time the ensuing actions result in physical injury that obvious to the sight, conviction or a plea deal is usually the outcome, which leads to fines as well as jail time.

Property damage is another common charge that criminal lawyers deal with regularly. This charge involves the willful and malicious damaging or destruction of private property, including clothing or physical accessories. This is a serious charge that carries a maximum sentence of ten years depending on whether or not weapons or tools were used in the process, etc.