Most people probably wait until they really need something before t you hire Houston criminal defense attorneys it is because of something that has happened in the recent past. Either you are seeking to be compensated for damages that were caused by another person or you are the one who is being sued for these damages. While this is probably true, it doesn’t have to be the case. There is a wealth of information available out there for people who want to be proactive in regards to their potential legal matters. When you actually begin to learn about the legal process, you will likely find that there is much more to it than you originally thought.

For example, there are two basic components to the United States judicial system: actus reus and mens rae. Actus reus is defined as the action of committing a guilty act. Mens rae, however, is defined as the state of mind when committing the guilty act. When a person commits a crime, then, a fair and balanced system should not only weigh the action, but also the state of mind of the person at the time. Houston criminal defense attorneys deal with this on a regular basis. They can help you better understand that just because someone has been “charged” with a crime, it does not necessarily mean they will be convicted; or that if they are convicted, their sentence might be flexible.

Sentencing is a big part of the criminal procedure. It relies very heavily on the balance between actus reus and mens rae. As stated, sentences can be flexible and this balance is the cause. For example, you might be charged with reckless driving and destruction of property because you swerved off the road to avoid hitting a stray dog. Obviously, it was not your intention to break the law. Unfortunately, you might still be held responsible. However, professional Houston criminal defense attorneys will help argue that your intention and the judge will probably be more lenient on the penalty.

Another thing you should understand is that there are two basic classifications for crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. The easiest way to understand this difference is to say that the latter has heavier standard penalties (because they are much more serious crimes). Misdemeanors, as a rule of thumb, are “non-violent.” This includes things like• Theft and larceny
• Trespassing
• Disorderly conduct
• Possession of drugs or alcohol

True, these actions can escalate to violence, but the basic charges are generally not violent. Felonies, on the other hand, are generally considered to be violent. Common felony charges include:• Murder
• Assault
• Rape
• Kidnapping
• Robbery (theft by force)

Experienced Houston criminal defense attorneys can help you better understand these classifications. Whether you are faced with one of these charges or you need to pursue against someone who may have committed one of these charges, it is a good idea to seek the advice of experienced Houston criminal defense attorneys. They will help you understand your options as well as your limitations in the case.