When dealing with legal matters in Texas, it is important to truly weigh the difference between arguing a case yourself and utilizing one of the many Houston criminal attorneys that are available. While you might feel that your case is cut and dry and that your argument is rock solid, there are many variables that, to be honest, you are not likely to recognize if you are not well-trained in criminal justice. These variables, as innocuous as they might seem, can mean the difference between getting what you want and being ignored by a judge.

First of all, when you hire Houston criminal attorneys to handle your case, they can sit down with you and explain how your argument or complaint compares to what the United States Constitution and revised Amendments say about the matter. For example, while you might feel like someone wronged you (like a neighbor is being too loud or someone damaged your vehicle), you must first understand how the laws are set forth in order to then determine whether or not your case is worth arguing. This is because there needs to be a way to prove legal precedent, motive (or intention), and action, when trying to win a legal battle.

The idea of motive and action is something that, while very simple, seems to baffle some common folk. Experienced Houston criminal attorneys can tell you that the law, and the penalties contained therein, is based on the difference between motive and intention. For example, an accident is that, just an accident. If a person driving a vehicle swerves to dodge an animal that darted into the road and hits another vehicle, this is a situation that usually does not require a trial. Typically, the insurance companies handle the case because the motive was to dodge an animal and not to cause an accident. Of course, just because your intentions are pure doesn’t mean you avoid responsibility. Still, there is no reason to go to court over this.

Now, if you are driving a vehicle and you are stopped at a red light, if you attempt to go when it turns green and you are hit by a car coming from a cross street, there may be a criminal case. The driver of the other vehicle intended to drive at a faster speed in order to catch the light before it turned red. This is, basically, breaking the law, but it also caused injury to you and damage to your property. While you could let the insurance company handle it, you might also hire Houston criminal attorneys to help you sue for damages because this was not an “accident.”

As you can imagine, there are many areas of daily life where you could potentially find such gray areas. This is why it is important to seek the aid of Houston criminal attorneys if you think you should argue a case in court. Even if the initial meeting results in the advice to not pursue your case, it is money and time well spent on peace of mind.