The reasons for speaking with someone at a criminal law firm are plentiful. If you feel, for example that you have been wronged (you are the victim of a crime), then you might want to learn about your options for suing the other person or organization. Will it be worth the time and money you put into the case? Will it be worth the energy and anxiety? Well, speaking with a professional who can give you some advice is usually worth the expense, even if it is just to learn your options are limited.

What you need to remember about the legal system is that it is designed to protect innocent people and prosecute an entity that can be found responsible of a crime or other violation. This means that it is not necessarily the job of a criminal law firm to prosecute one person or organization in particular. Instead it is the job of a professional legal team to collect damages from someone that can be held responsible for an injustice or infraction.

This is very important because it works the same way on both sides of the law. For example, you could hire a criminal law firm to act as your defense in a criminal case. Their job, then, would be to construe the evidence or the circumstances of the incident in a way that makes it difficult to conclusively determine that you are guilty of a crime. It is also their job to go through the claims and see if there is room for negotiation. Perhaps they feel like evidence is strong or your personal story will not convince a judge or jury of your innocence. In this case, an experienced lawyer can also make a suggestion for a plea or a negotiation based on their own experience and documented cases from the past.

Hiring a criminal law firm to handle your case is a good idea because they understand the two aspects of criminal law that are used to determine guilt and intent. These are two separate things and are really the basis for all defense arguments. Basically, the criminal justice system is based on an understanding of the idea of action vs. intention. For example, in traffic court you may have run a red light or a stop sign because you were racing to the hospital because of an emergency (as opposed to driving recklessly for no apparent reason). While you might still receive a citation for the moving violation, the court might not rule against you so long as no one was hurt. Criminal law can work in a similar way.

Regardless of your case and which side of the law you are on, an experienced criminal law firm will do their best to find a mutually agreeable resolution. Many people do not realize that the court system only wants to hold people responsible for negligent or dangerous actions that could or have harmed other people. This means that a judgment may result in fines, jail time, community service, or a combination of these.