If you’ve been charged with a crime, you don’t need to say anything to the cops. Just tell them you want a lawyer and the rest is history. Criminal defense lawyers can aid you in the entire process after you’ve been charged with a crime so that you don’t say anything that could hurt you or be used inside of the courtroom. Sit tight until your lawyer arrives and they will help you with the questions you should answer along with every other detail of your case to help you minimize your sentence from the judge.

Depending on the severity of the crime, you may be stuck in jail with a bail set at any amount of money. The bail hearing is one of the first things that criminal defense lawyers will help with. You will plead guilty or not guilty and the lawyer will present basic facts on your character to the judge to help get you a very low bail amount so that someone can pay the bond and get you out until your court proceedings. Whether you are in jail or out, your attorney can still meet with you to go over details.

The criminal defense lawyers working on your case will meet with you to hear your side of the story. You will need to share every detail surrounding the crime so that the attorneys have something to work with. They will be going up against the prosecutors in the courtroom to defend you and will need everything they can to prove to the jury and judge that you didn’t commit the crime. This will include finding alibis, evidence, and witnesses to speak in the courtroom on your behalf about your character, your whereabouts and much more.

You need the criminal defense lawyers to work around the laws in place to find loopholes and ways to prove your innocence. It is for this reason that you always want to hire a criminal defense attorney instead of a divorce lawyer or personal injury lawyer – they are more familiar with these kinds of laws. Another lawyer might take your case, but the chances of you winning the case drops significantly when the level of expertise isn’t there. Take your time and find a lawyer that will work aggressively for you because it could mean the difference of prison or not.

There are many things that criminal defense lawyers will work with you on for your case. The sooner you find an attorney that will work with you and that you’re comfortable with, the sooner they can start working on your case. Time is of the essence and you need them to help with the laws and gathering up as much information as possible to help defend your character against the prosecution. You may be innocent, however you need your team of lawyers to help prove it to everyone in the courtroom because there has already been enough evidence for them to charge you with the crime. The lawyer’s job starts the moment you hire them.