If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime, they have already been read the Miranda rights. One of those rights is the right to an attorney. Do you have one yet? You’ll need one. There are Harris County criminal defense attorneys that can help you in and out of the courtroom to make sure that you get the bail that you need posted and a fair trial.

One of the first things that Harris County criminal defense attorneys will help with is the hearing. This is where the prosecutor, the judge, you and the lawyer stand in a courtroom. You will say whether you are guilty or not guilty and a bail will be set – if there is a bail. Since you don’t want to spend time in jail until your actual trial, it is the job of your attorney to try and get the bail set as low as possible so that you can be on the outside instead of the inside. The sooner you hire your attorney the better this will be. Try not to wait until after the hearing to hire a lawyer.

Your Harris County criminal defense attorneys are also going to represent you inside of the courtroom for the trial. They may be able to call witnesses to the stand in order to help the case and they will also cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses in order to break down what they are testifying with that could potentially hurt your case. The money you pay a lawyer is more for what they do outside of the courtroom to help inside the courtroom. They will be gathering all sorts of evidence and witnesses to assure that they are able to prove your innocence – or at least provide enough to reduce the sentence if you did in fact commit the crime.

There is no need to speak until you are asked to inside of a courtroom. The Harris County criminal defense attorneys can assist you in when you should and shouldn’t say anything. If you speak out of turn it could end up giving the prosecutor more ammunition in their case or change the way the jury sees you. Your counsel will be of great help to you, which is why you need to make sure that you find a very capable lawyer to work with you on your case.

The courtroom can be very intimidating. The prosecutor is out for blood because that’s what they do. The judge is an impartial party but he or she sits up higher than everyone else and can stare you down. The last thing you want is to hire an incompetent lawyer. You need aggressive Harris County criminal defense attorneys that are going to fight to prove your innocence. You need someone who will fight with the prosecutor and tear their witnesses to shreds. How a lawyer conducts him or herself in court is of the utmost importance to how you should choose your lawyer.