Not all Houston criminal defense lawyers are created equally. Sure, they are all located in Houston and they all passed the bar, but you should demand more from your lawyer than just the basics. If you’ve been charged with a crime (whether you committed the crime or not) you need proper representation so that your case is tried correctly in a court of law. Defense lawyers are on your side and they can help you out immensely – but first you need to find the best one for your circumstances.

When you hire a Houston criminal defense attorney it is not just to stand next to you in a courtroom. You need their expertise long before then which is why time is of the essence when you start looking for a lawyer. They will help gather evidence to help you, learn what the defendant has against you and start building your case. An attorney can also help you in what you should and shouldn’t say from the moment you are arrested all the way through the courtroom. They are essentially your censor so before saying anything, make sure you have a lawyer.

There are different kinds of Houston criminal defense attorneys. Some specialize in hate crimes others specialize in theft. The reason that attorneys specialize is because it is what they are good at. They learn past cases that could potentially help you because one ruling can set a precedent to how the law views certain actions. When you choose a lawyer that has the same specialty for the crime that you allegedly committed, it is a better situation for you because you have a lot of knowledge and power in your corner. This can be invaluable when you are inside the courtroom and being questioned by the opposing party.

Not all Houston criminal defense lawyers are good lawyers, either. It is possible to pass the bar and call yourself a lawyer without winning many (or any) cases. You need to find out what kind of lawyer you are about to hire because if they don’t win your case, it could mean big problems for you. You need someone that has a proven track record defending people with similar cases so that you have a better chance of coming out on top. You have the right to ask questions about past records and if the lawyer doesn’t want to share it with you it’s probably for a good reason.Ultimately, it’s your decision on who you choose as your lawyer. One can be provided for you or you can hire the best. Those are your choices. If you’re going to spend money on a lawyer, then you need to ask questions and find out exactly who it is that will be representing you. It could very well mean the difference between jail time or not. There are many lawyers in the Houston area so your Houston criminal defense lawyer should take a little bit of time to find.