You may have more rights than you think when someone accuses you of a crime. This is why it is crucial that you call Houston criminal attorneys right away. A loved one can make the call or you can use your one phone call as the opportunity to call for legal representation. You need to find a lawyer with the specialty in the particular crime someone accused you of as well as find one that you can trust. This may take a few interviews. But you have the right to interview several before you find one that you want to work with.

There are many police stations and detectives that will try to get you to say more than you should before you have an attorney present. While these tactics are not illegal, they are usually not helpful to your case, either. You can simply stay quiet until your Houston criminal attorneys arrive. They can advise you on what questions you should and should not answer. The right to a lawyer is part of your Miranda rights. You should take advantage of them at the first chance that you get.

Just because someone accuses you of a crime does not mean that you will see jail time. The law requires just cause and motive in order to hold you. When you involve Houston criminal attorneys immediately, they can help get you out of holding cells. They can help reduce the amount of bail set and help to get you out of a heavy sentence – regardless of whether you actually committed the crime or not. Either way, you still have rights and a good attorney will help you to get them.

Houston criminal attorneys are not all equal, so when you really want to learn your rights, hire the right attorney. Every lawyer has their specialty, even within criminal law. Some attorneys focus on murder or sex crimes while others focus on drug possession or grand theft. When you choose a lawyer that has the same specialty as the crime you’ve been charged with. It’s easier to learn your rights because they are well-versed within the law as well as previous cases – all of which can help you get a “not guilty” verdict from a jury or a reduced sentence if they found you not guilty.

Courtrooms are for justice, as well as equality. There is a prosecutor and a defendant. They are the two halves that balance out the justice system. You have the right to a fair trial and defense, which is why Houston criminal attorneys exist in the first place. When someone is accused of a crime, you need an aggressive attorney. You need an attorney that will not only help you to learn your rights but to defend them in the courtroom tooth and nail if necessary until you have the ruling that you desire so that you can go on about your life as it was before someone charged you with a crime.

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