Getting charged with a criminal violation is probably not your idea of fun. Nobody wants to have to deal with the hours and the money involved with a court case, especially when you have to defend yourself against substantial charges. If you find yourself on the wrong end of a summons, one thing you need to remember is that a criminal trial is supposed to be a fair and just process that examines all of the facts and aims to attach fit punishments to crimes that have been committed. Even if you may have been involved with something that could have resulted in criminal activity or simply a violation of a standard law in the state of Texas, you should consider hiring an experienced Houston criminal attorney to handle your case. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea.

First of all, hiring a professional Houston criminal attorney ensures you will get a proper investigation. When you receive a complaint from an officer or another citizen the charge is based on their opinion or recount of a particular incident. Hiring a lawyer is the best shot you have at getting all of the facts and presenting them to the court in a way that provides you with options. Perhaps the charges are biased. Perhaps there is an extenuating circumstance that could discredit the witness account. A good investigation will learn of these things.

Secondly, you should hire a professional Houston criminal attorney because they know how to negotiate for a better deal. Maybe the witness account is credible or the charge is a tough one to beat. If you have never had a criminal case brought against you it might be easier to argue for a better sentence. On the other hand, there may be alternate sentences that you can get instead of having to serve jail time. Your lawyer will understand the options, present them to you, and then determine the best course of action for getting a result that serves you best.

Finally, you need a professional Houston criminal attorney because they can represent in the courtroom itself. When you hire a lawyer, they can act as your proxy and take your place in the court room. Criminal cases can be long and stressful and you may have to miss several days of work if you have to keep appearing in the court room. While you certainly have the option of representing yourself, hiring a lawyer to represent you shows the judge and other attorney that you are serious about your defense.

Regardless of the seriousness of your case, it is always a good idea to at least consult with a professional Houston criminal attorney who is experienced in your particular charge. They might not only know the best avenue to take in regards to your defense, but they might also understand how the prosecutor thinks or ways to impress or please the judge. It never hurts to have someone take a look at the charges and decide if you want to retain their services for the future.