In a stunning move prosecutors, under the guidance of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, are maneuvering to protect the deputies involved in the degrading, unacceptable, and unlawful bodily cavity search of Charnesia Corley. The harrowing 11-minute strip search is tantamount to rape by cop and Kim Ogg’s team of prosecutors dismissed the indictments obtained under the former Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson’s administration.

The grand jury indictments against William Strong and Ronaldine Pierre were dismissed under the pretense that “new evidence” had been discovered. This demanded presentation to a brand new grand jury. The entire proceeding, including the presentation of existing evidence, the supposed new evidence found, and the discussion by the grand jury, were conducted in private. The Houston Criminal Lawyer Sam Cammack, his law firm, Ms. Corley, and the public do not have access to their findings. In a shocking twist, the second grand jury decided to no-bill the case, leading to the charges against the officers to be dropped.

Charnesia appears during a television interview to discuss her case

Our Houston criminal defense lawyers are fighting for Charnesia Corley. And they are not going to allow this abuse of power by Harris County deputies and the subsequent over-reach from the Harris County District Attorney to go uncontested. The deposition of the the final officer involved in the cavity search is scheduled. Sam Cammack has called for a special prosecutor to be appointed to this case to ensure that justice is served for our client. To date, over 90,000 people have signed a petition demanding that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office file charges against these officers. As Houston lawyers, Sam Cammack and his law firm are not only fighting for Ms. Corley’s justice. They are also ensuring that the the citizens of Harris County are protected from similar abuse in the future.