Stop what you’re doing right now. Before you get too involved with a Houston criminal defense attorney, you can save yourself a lot of anxiety by finding out what the attorney’s specialty is. Everyone has a specialty, even though you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer. The legal profession has a lot of different areas of expertise and finding one in the area that you’ve been charged with is critical to your case. You shouldn’t waste your time or money with anyone who isn’t very well versed in the laws revolving around your particular (alleged) crime.

There are all sorts of different lawyers in the Houston area. Some are personal injury lawyers while others are criminal defense lawyers.  You want to make sure that you are looking for a Houston criminal defense attorney and not a personal injury, divorce or any other kind of lawyer. They will know the laws better and be able to defend you more effectively in a court of law. There may be lawyers in other areas willing to represent you but you shouldn’t have to settle for a subpar lawyer when you have been accused of a crime.

Once you have located a Houston criminal defense attorney, your job isn’t over. There are a lot of different criminal defense fields out there and you want to make sure that you are represented appropriately. Look at what you’ve been charged with and then find a lawyer that has that particular expertise. Murder, sex crimes, theft, grand larceny, arson and much more are all separate categories. You need to make sure that you have the right lawyer for the job because there are a lot of legalities that come with each and every type of crime. When you don’t want to see the inside of a jail cell, you need the best.

Now, once you’ve found a few Houston criminal defense attorneys that have the specialty that you are in need of representation for (and there are attorneys that have multiple specialties) you need to look at their track record. Most attorneys will openly share these because they are proud of the number of cases they have been able to win in a court of law. If your attorney is not willing to share these details with you, you need to find a different lawyer because they aren’t being very forthcoming with you.If you’ve been charged with a crime, regardless of the crime, you need to make sure that you don’t have just any lawyer. Specialty is critical because you don’t want a lawyer representing you who isn’t familiar with all of the legalities surrounding your case. If the Houston criminal defense lawyer doesn’t know past cases and current laws, they are unable to protect you to the fullest. You shouldn’t have to deal with fines, jail time (or worse) because of the ignorance of your lawyer. Asking questions is your right and you should do so frequently in order to find a qualified lawyer to defend you.