From the moment that the cops tell you that you’re being charged with a crime, it’s time to start looking for criminal attorneys to represent you. They will help you from day one so that you know all of your rights, what you should tell the cops about what happened and even assist with the arraignment. From handcuffs to trial, your attorney will be at your side – which means that it’s extremely important to find the best attorney that you can find. This can take a while, which means that time is of the essence.

Look at a few criminal attorneys. Use the internet to get as much information from their website and then meet with a few of them to ask questions and see how comfortable you are around them. You need to make sure you’re looking for a lawyer that specializes in the crime you’ve been charged with. Every lawyer specializes in something and it’s important that you have a strong match to give you the best opportunity of winning your case. This type of information will be on their website to save you some time in the decision making process.

As soon as you hire your criminal attorneys, they will go to work for you. This starts with the arraignment. Here, you will discuss with your lawyer which is best for your case. You’ll plead guilty or not guilty and go from there. The prosecutor will be present in the courtroom and, depending on your case, may even try to make a deal with you. Your attorney will handle all negotiations to try and help you with the best possible scenario. During this time, you will also have your bail hearing where the judge will set your bail so that someone can set bond and get you out of jail.

Once your arraignment is done, your criminal attorneys will begin to prepare your case for the courtroom. They will do plenty of their own research for the details surrounding your case. This can be finding character witnesses, talking to potential eye witnesses and helping to prove that you didn’t commit the crime that the prosecution thinks you did. The more experience that your attorney has, the easier it will be for them to figure out how to prove your innocence. They need to be aggressive in the courtroom and well educated in the law.

Everything about your case will be handled by your criminal attorneys, which is why you need to make sure they are by your side from Day 1. The Miranda Rights tell you that you’re given the right to a lawyer. You should always try to hire your own so that you have more control over who’s representing you instead of letting the state provide you with one. The longer you wait on hiring a lawyer, the more things the state designated lawyer will have to do for you – such as handling your arraignment and bond hearing. Avoid all of this by getting your lawyer on board sooner than later.