Being accused of a crime is a very serious issue. In the Miranda Rights, you’re told that you have the right to remain silent and that you have the right to an attorney. You need to make sure to take the cops up on both of these by contacting criminal law lawyers right away. The lawyer that you ultimately hire can be invaluable when it comes to defending you in the courtroom. Their job starts long before either of you step foot inside of the courtroom, though.

Criminal law lawyers can actually meet you down at the police station. This is extremely advisable because the police can ask you a lot of questions which can be very intimidating. If you answer a question at the station, it can be used in a court of law. If you haven’t had a chance to calm down or think about your answers, this can hurt your case significantly. Your lawyer can help by telling you what you should and shouldn’t answer. This way you stay out of further trouble so that you have a better chance of getting the ruling you want from the judge.

The arraignment is your first time in court. The criminal law lawyers will help you decide whether you’re plea is guilty or not guilty. Further, you, your lawyer and the prosecutor will be in a courtroom before the judge where your bail hearing will take place. Your lawyer will work to get the bail set as low as possible so that someone can bail you out. This will prevent you from spending time in jail while you wait for your trial. The lawyer may use your character to get you out on the bail or your lack of a previous record.

Criminal law lawyers will also work to build your case. Depending on the type of crime you’ve allegedly committed and the amount of evidence the prosecution has on you, your lawyer will need to find various information to help you. This can include character witnesses, alibis as well as other information surrounding the case which will disprove what the prosecution is trying to prove – that you committed the crime. The more experience your lawyer has, the more information they can find to assist you.

The job that criminal law lawyers do for you starts long before your trial. They can help you every step of the way, which is why you should try to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. You need to make sure you get the lowest bail amount as possible and have everything about your case exposed to prove your innocence. There are plenty of lawyers out there, so you need to spend the time to find the lawyer with as much experience as you can find (and afford) so that they can work with you for as long as it takes to get the ruling you need. Ultimately, you’re the only one that has something to lose, which means your lawyer needs to be in your corner from the beginning.