Being charged with a crime is a very serious allegation. It can ruin your reputation, hurt your chances for future employment and keep you away from your friends and family for a very long time. Whether you actually committed the crime or not, you need a criminal defense lawyer to help you get out of the predicament you’re in with as little jail time and fines as possible. The job of your lawyer starts from your very first meeting, which is why you should connect with one as soon as you possibly can.

If you make the call soon enough, your criminal defense lawyer can meet you down at the police station before the cops or detectives begin to interrogate you. Your Miranda Rights entitle you to an attorney and that means that you don’t have to answer any questions without your lawyer present. When your lawyer does arrive, he or she will advise you as to what questions you should and shouldn’t answer so that you don’t implicate yourself further than you may already have. This advising session is the first of many steps with your lawyer.

The next thing your criminal defense lawyer will do for you is meet with you to discuss everything surrounding your case. You need to tell your lawyer everything about the crime that you’ve been charged with so that they can begin building your case, finding evidence to help, witnesses, and much more. All of these components will be used in the courtroom against the prosecution to show the jury that you didn’t commit the crime or that you did it without knowledge. There are plenty of ways a lawyer can help you with this, however you must be completely honest so that your lawyer isn’t blindsided with other evidence from the prosecutor or the crime scene.

There are many laws that surround crimes. All of these laws need to be navigated through with care and past cases may need to be brought up in the courtroom to set a precedent. Finding a criminal defense lawyer that has experience with the types of crimes that you have allegedly committed is important. An aggressive lawyer can fight for your freedom so it’s crucial that you take your time and find a lawyer that is able to do this for you.

Your criminal defense lawyer will help you with what you should say to the cops, how to plead during your bail hearing, help you with witnesses and alibis and everything else within the courtroom so that you’re not looking at a long prison sentence or fines for a crime that you may or may not have committed. There are plenty of lawyers in the area to choose from, so you need to find one and find one fast so that they can go to work for you as soon as possible. Time is of the essence with criminal cases and so your lawyer can be your right hand, especially if you’re stuck behind bars during the whole process.